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Hippie Geek Icons

GypsyJr's Livejournal Icons

External Services:
  • hippiegeek_icon@livejournal.com
The Livejournal icons of gypsyjr

Everything posted here is shareable as long as you follow these guidelines:
1. Comment if you take anything. It feeds my ego.
2. Complete icons must be credited, preferrably in keywords. (If you credit elsewhere, please point me to where.) Credit may be given to either gypsyjr or hippiegeek_icon.
3. Customization of textless icons is allowed and encouraged.
4. Credit for bases that you've customized yourself is not required, though it is appreciated. (I put a lot of work into these.) You must credit if you are using them as posted. (See rule 2.)
5. Absolutely no hotlinking. Save the icon to your own computer. If you need free image hosting, try Photobucket.

~A list of resources used in the making of these icons can be found here.
~ Icons are referenced by subject in this journal's memories